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How Much Product Should I Be Using?

Dropping a small fortune on a well-stocked grooming cabinet is made slightly more bearable by knowing you’re going to get a good few month’s worth out of what’s inside. But if you’re getting through lotions and potions faster than Usain Bolt through chicken nuggets, chances are you’re using too much.
If this expensive habit is leaving you with nothing but shrapnel in your pocket, use those coins as a guide to how much you should be using in the future.
For hair products, the principle starting point is a 10p-sized amount. Of course, whether your hair is longer or shorter than average affects whether this needs to be adjusted up or down.
With longer hair, work up incrementally until you find the exact amount you should be using. It’s worth keeping in mind that you might be using the wrong product altogether if piling it on isn’t getting results.
Meanwhile, those with facial hair should also be using a beard oil. Aim for a 5-10p sized amount depending on the length of the beard, but avoid rubbing it into your skin if you can, as the thicker nature of the oil can cause spots.
Got it? Good. Now turn those coins into cash by stocking up less frequently.